Wall Type

SBW-12 Air Conditioning
SBW-N-24 Air Conditioning
SMW36 Air Conditioning
SPW-18 Air Conditioning
SRW30 Air Conditioning

Condensing Units

PC Series Air Conditioning
SBC60/SMC60-DF Air Conditioning
SPC-12 Air Conditioning
SPC-18 Air Conditioning
SPC-24,30,36,48,60 Air Conditioning
SPCT36-60 Air Conditioning

Chilled Water

SPU Series Air Conditioning

Floor Ceiling

SPU-12 Water Dispenser
SPU-18 Water Dispenser
SPU-24 Water Dispenser
SPU-30 Water Dispenser
SPU-48 Water Dispenser
SPU-60 Water Dispenser

Floor Standing

SQF-36,48,60,72 Air Conditioning
SQF-120,150 Air Conditioning


Air Cooled Screw Chiller Air Conditioning
Modular Air Cooled Chiller Air Conditioning


SUC-18 Air Conditioning
SUC-24 Air Conditioning
SUC-36 Air Conditioning
SUC-48 Air Conditioning

Package AC

SRM36-60 CW-R Air Conditioning
SRM62-100 CW-R Air Conditioning
SRM120-250 CW-R Air Conditioning

Exhaust Fan

Sure Hi Fan Air Conditioning

Ducted Units

FHD04-20 Air Conditioning
PFD Series Air Conditioning
SPA24-60 Air Conditioning
SPA90-120 Air Conditioning

Window AC

CGW 09,19,25 Air Conditioning
CGW 12 Air Conditioning
CGW 18,24,28 Air Conditioning

2017 VRF Product Lineup

The Climatcool V5 X Series is a range of high performance VRF outdoor units. With capacities ranging from 8HP to 88HP in 2HP increments, the V5 X brings high efficiency, high reliability cooling and heating to projects large and small.

The V5 X offers a variety of outstanding capabilities. Able to support piping lengths of up to 1000m and height differences of up to 110m, the V5 X rises to the challenge of today's tall buildings. Compatibility with a wide selection of indoor units provides the flexibility to produce tailored climate control solutions for a wide range of interior spaces.

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Equipment with Enviro,nment Friendly Refrigerant

Climatcool Air Conditioners, an Industry leader known for superior product performance and reliability, offers a variety of cooling and heating systems to suit any requirement. Our range of products includes Window/Packaged air conditioners from 1 to 30 tons and Decorative Split from 1 to 15 tons comprised of Wall, Cassette, Floor Ceiling and Free Standing type. Climatcool also has a full range of Packaged Chiller system from 1 to 400 tons with matching Chilled Water Fan Coil units and Chilled Water Double Skin Air Handling units.

Climatcool is now ready with the environment friendly product. Our latest introduction of complete range of VRF airconditioning units and decorative mini split units, ductable split units, rooftop package units, etc. are available with refrigerant R410a which is very high EER, efficient and compact equipment. Most of our product range is listed and certified by various government agencies of the GCC countries. Thanks to the technical collaboration with climatcool in USA has further strengthened our commitment towards high quality standards

Our logistics is handled by our parent company SURE group from Sharjah Airport Free Zone ( SAIF ZONE ). We maintain a large covered facility for stock and distribution of Airconditioning equipment in UAE and all the surrounding countries. ​the technical collaboration with Climatcool in USA has further strengthened our commitment

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IMM Gateway Controls VRF