Manufacturing Advisory Services

URE + TECH-LONG advisory services team provides expert operational consulting, design and project management services to support existing and prospective customers with:

At Sure, we are committed to our customers' long-term success. We offer manufacturing solutions and after-sales support that are optimised for each unique application, allowing our customers to bring products to market faster. Please email us at to find out more about our beverage and packaging solutions and services

PET Preform System Solutions

SURE + UNIQUE provides the complete PET preform system solutions for each client., from product engineering & testing, to system startup for trial run and production run, product inspection, production management, and logistic.

In addition, we provide in-depth support for customers in preform light-weight designs. A list of key technical attributes are highlighted below:

  • Higher Cavitations
  • Cost Reduction with shorter cycle times
  • Better Cavity-to-cavity consistency
  • Energy Conservation & Waste Reductions
  • Thread Optimization
  • Greater Integration (between machinery & hot runner & machine & ancillary equipment)
  • Source Reduction (Light weight parts)
  • Reduction of downstream process
  • Faster colour changes
  • More self manufacturing